The Story of St-Boniface Hospital

They came to teach. They came to heal. They came to comfort. Four intrepid French Canadian women came through the wilderness by canoe – their singular purpose to improve the quality of life for all within their reach. They struggled through hardship, poverty and prejudice. They resisted those who would have left them behind. Determined to reach the western frontier of Canada and deliver their own brand of fierce compassion.

The Grey Nuns stepped out of their canoe onto the shores of the Red River, and into the history of our nation, our province, our city and our hospital.

The founders of the first hospital west of Ontario were its first sister teachers, its first sister-healers. They were the builders of the first modern residence in Western Canada.

St-Boniface Hospital continues to lead by following in the footsteps of its indomitable founders. A catholic hospital that embraces openness – among the first to welcome physicians of other creeds when few others would. A medical pioneer – its doctors the first in Manitoba to conduct open-heart surgery in 1959. An advocate of innovation – the first hospital in the province to establish and support a stand-alone research centre that has since become world renowned.

St-Boniface Hospital is continuing to break ground in quality of patient care, operational efficiency, research discovery and funding growth – its singular purpose to improve the quality of life for all within its reach. Those who work within the walls of its extensive complex share an intense commitment to doing what’s right for the people they serve, the people they work with, the people of their community and of the world. If doing right means taking a different path, St-Boniface Hospital is prepared to walk alone.

St-Boniface Hospital.
To heal. To teach. To comfort. To discover. To lead.